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  • Aprox Location : Newburgh,
  • (+1) 8454758945

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April 19

nicky says:

They called and left a message that they had important business with only me. They used my name and said to call back. I did not call back. It was a recording and my name was plugged in. They did not use a company name or give any other information.

April 19

cris says:

I filed a complaint for this number plus 16 other numbers to the FTC for this Card Services. I have 12 of these numbers blocked on my phone, this is my limit with my phone company. This Company has many numbers they call from including cell phone numbers. All we can do is keep filing these complaints with FTC and maybe they will catch up with this Company. I have been dealing with these people calling me since 2009. I have asked them to take me off their list and all they do is hang up on me. Time to shut this business down. Im not sure what else to do. I called my Local Phone Co., talked to the Police and filed for the 3rd time on the Do Not Call List. The Police advised me to file a complaint with the FTC I have done that. I will be filing a complaint every time they call. So my advice to everyone else is to keep filing a complaint to FTC web site.
And here is the FTC phone number to file complaints: Phone: Call our toll-free helpline:1-877-FTC-HELP ( 1-877-382-4357 )
TTY: 1-866-653-4261
Hope this information helps some of the readers.
Lets flood FTC with all these complaints. Maybe they will do something about it.

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