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  • Aprox Location : Shirley,
  • (+1) 7657375033

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April 19

kenneth says:

sends text messages around midnight to two AM asking "are you still selling your jeep, sorry it's so late - i just got off work." been going on a few months now.

April 19

amboy says:

It was Westar Energy calling me about their promotion for their WattSaver program I signed up for. Must be a call center they contracted through. Their call back number was (888) 753-6523.

April 19

terry says:

Same deal as the other posts.
IRS looking for $3K in back taxes between 2008 and 2013
Call the 202-738-1233 Skype number to clear up my tax obligation.

April 19

curl says:

I agree. These guys are a dime a dozen unfortunately these days. And I would like to think most folks wont fall for this scam. Just so maddening! Idiots out there trying to steal from anyone they can!

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