WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Hacking Operations, Affects Giant Tech Companies

By : Joy Santos - 2017-03-7

Wikileaks - CIA Hack Gadgets
Giant technology companies Samsung, Apple and Microsoft reacted about latest issue about the WikiLeaks latest revelation that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States is hacking information from their devices to use for investigation purposes.

The three tech companies are now making an effort to assure their clients a better protection in terms of securing their personal information. Based on the reports, the CIA hacked data from various TV sets and mobile phones without the knowledge of the users. According to the report of Wikileaks, the CIA might successfully hacked about 8,761 files and documents a couple of days ago, which they are trying to investigate to prove the hacking issue.

From the statement of Apple as detailed by the news online, they had been studying the vulnerabilities about their iOS operating system after hearing the report from WikiLeaks’ "Vault 7." This particular leak revealed that CIA has a particular division that handles the hacking of iOS-operated devices from Apple, as stated from the The US-based intelligence agency is using “Adderall” as their main tool and this is capable of collecting data from the devices supported by iOS.

In a released statement through BuzzFeed News, Apple already resolved the iOS problem and continuously monitoring other potential vulnerabilities to assure the protection of their clients. The company is sincere is securing their clients and so they continue improving their products to prevent this kind of trouble.

As for the safety of Samsung devices users, the representative of the company stated that they are prioritizing the safety of the privacy of their consumers and are doing everything to protect their devices against hackers. The representative added that they are already mindful about the latest hacking issue and are looking at it cautiously, which the company emailed to CNBC.

One of the most intriguing concerns about Samsung TV users connected to the Internet is that the “Fake-off” mode does not really close the system and continue to feed information to the CIA, as it functions as a recorder. They also recognize this kind of operation as “Weeping Angel” and the CIA can hear the conversations even of the TV is turn off.

In line with this, giant tech company Microsoft likewise released a statement as answer to this latest issue involving the leak. The company states that they know the report already and are evaluating it with care. However, they are not yet willing to provide any feedback regarding their actions. Like Apple and Samsung, the popular software maker got information about CIA hacking their system to access the data through "Zero Days" operation. With the kind of technique, the hackers can infect the involved devices even if they have no Internet connection using the system of Microsoft.

There are also reports from CNBC that Google had been dealing with the same hacking issue, particularly affecting those users of Google’s android mobile phones. Again, it involves the CIA and manipulated the android operating system. However, the search engine giant has not provided any answer to the revealed leak.