Facebook Stalker Sentenced, Makes False Messages and Phone Calls

By : Red Santos - 2017-05-19

A male stalker may need to face the consequences after making his victim felt like someone is always watching her wherever she goes. This statement came from the court hearing at the Chesterfield magistrates.

They identified the male stalker as the 22-year-old Cory Bryan from Alfreton.

From the news report online last month, a Chesterfield magistrates’ court house sentenced a male stalker after making the life of her victim miserable. According from the shared information, Cory Bryan became so obsessed to her woman victim and overwhelmed her with almost 300 telephone calls and Facebook messages.

"The victim has never had a relationship with the defendant who is the son of a neighbor and the defendant had been living at this address at various times," said Allsop during the hearing last March 28 as quoted by derbyshiretimes.co.uk.

Adding that, “While the charge refers to a short duration there is a substantial history to this offence with a police caution for harassment and that followed four years of unwanted contact which escalated.”

Mrs. Allsop likewise revealed that the suspect even made an effort to use the FB account of his sister to create dummy profiles and contact his victim repeatedly. She added that Bryan even knock on walls during nighttime and phone calls the victim through mobile phone.

From the statement of the victim, she constantly receives messages through her FB account and through the account of her sister wherein the suspect accuses her of sleeping with men who visit her home. The victim denies such false accusations because the suspect intention is to harass her, as detailed by Becky.

Becky Allsop is a prosecuting solicitor.

In line with this, the court likewise heard about the strategies of the suspect wherein he created a pair of fake FB accounts to send posts to his victim and his cellular phone has a hacking device known as FB password sniper program.

The police authorities were able to track Bryan after receiving a complaint and the needed to chase him before arresting him. They recovered his cellular phone and proved with calls and messages to the victim. The suspect admitted his wrongdoing and told the court that he has obsession to the woman and he sends messages daily through Facebook.

According from the news, he began stalking his victim back in December 19, 2016 and February 1, 2017. He continues to use fake profiles and made almost 337 phone calls using his cellular phone to stalk his victim.

Bryan pleaded guilty in front of the courthouse.

From the point of view of Paul McLeod who is the defense solicitor, Cory has mental health problems due to anxiety and depression, the reported news added.

Unfortunately, he was allowed to go out under conditional bail and cannot contact his victim, cannot use the Internet and visit the place of the woman.

In line with this issue, an online report revealed that stalking had been link to murdering their victims as detailed by some criminologists who studied the cases from the University of Gloucestershire.

According to the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, without taking proper action against stalking, it can easily lead to violence and even possible death.